The project “Cultural Sports Day” main goal is to encourage social inclusion and equal opportunities in participation in sport. Partners developed many different materials to increase the level of physical activity of children in primary education. All materials are gathered on the online platform so that all interested parties can learn and implement them in their organizations. To learn the materials we created buttons that enable participants to download all the developed materials to different devices and learn. The materials include: sport program of traditional sports/games, guide of best practices and curriculum for teachers, trainers and volunteers.

In the first stages of the project we analysed the situation of children in primary education in regards to barriers to participation in sport activities and curernt leveles of physical activity. We conducted a survey research analysis and created policy recommendations for stakeholders. This work package also include a creation of a guide of best practices, where partners collected best practices from all partners countries. Below you can download the created documents in English:

The project main phase included the development of the sport program for children in primary education. The developed sport program is based on traditional sports and games from partner countries. Partners collected cultural important games and sports from their countries that are part of their cultural heritage. During the project we also developed a curriculum for teachers, trainers and volunteers, the program includes different ice breaking games and pedagogical methodologies that volunteers and trainers can use to better include children in sport activities.

The developed materials can be also viewed on the platform if participants prefer to read the documents online and don’t want to download them

Handbook of Traditional Games and Sports

Curriculum for volunteers and teachers

Policy Recommendations